My 5 Fictional Boyfriends

So, today is valentines day, which is a day some people love, and other people hate. I am the latter. I never liked valentines day, not even when I had a boyfriend. I guess I’m just not the romantic type, haha. 

To make valentines day a bit more fun I thought I’d introduce you guys to my fictional boyfriends, because fictional boyfriends are the best kind of boyfriends. 

I hope you guys will all have a wonderful valentines day and that you get to spend it with the ones you love — books! And a lot of chocolate. 

1. Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson is funny, sarcastic and confident, and those are three things I really like in a guy. I’d love to go on adventures with him, because I think Percy is the kind of guy that’d make you feel really safe, and would get you out of really bad situations. Too bad he already has Annabeth.
I wouldn’t mind Logan Lerman either, he is absolutely beautiful. 

2. Josh (Isla and the Happily Ever After)

I loved Josh from the moment I read about him in Anna and the French Kiss, and fell in love with him even more while reading Isla. Josh is this kind of bad boy who isn’t really a bad boy, and I know that makes no sense. He is really artistic, which I love, and I loved the way he treated Isla and went on all of those trips with her. I’d love to have someone say to me ‘Hey, let’s go to Barcelona and look at art’. 

3. Aaron Warner (Shatter Me)

Aaron is super hot, do I really need to say more? Warner is mysterious, charismatic and calculating, but he is also vulnerable and sweet. I love how passionate and loving he is towards Julliette, and I applaud guys with a great clothing style. 

4. Prince Theron (Snow Like Ashes)

Prince Theron was so sweet and helpful towards Meira. He is also very selfless, artistic, optimistic and he is HOT. The fact that he is a prince isn’t bad either, but I wouldn’t want his dad as my father-in-law. 

5. Maxon Schreave (The Selection)

I definitely have a thing for princes, haha. Maxon is so gentle and loving but strong and brave at the same time. He’s also very smart, which is a big plus. His friendship with America was adorable and it made me love him, but his love and passion for her at the end of the series made me love him even more. 

I actually have a lot more fictional boyfriends, but if I had to write about all of them I’d be writing for hours, haha. Maybe I will write another post about them someday, because all of my fictional boyfriends deserve that attention.

Who are your fictional boyfriends?

Een gedachte over “My 5 Fictional Boyfriends

  1. Yvonne B. zegt:

    GOOOOOSH. Basically the only one I don't agree with (because I can't) is Percy – haven't read the series yet – but HECK YES to everyone else! PRINCE THERON. OHHHH MY PRECIOUS. I only read the first book so far but LOVED him. He's such a great guy! Josh is freaking adorable as well and I love his artistic skills … I mean, ugh. No, I don't have to say more. 😀

    Great choices! I love these as well. ♥
    Yvonne @ A World Between Folded Pages


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