10 People You Should Be Following On Bookstagram

I’ve been apart of the wonderful bookstagram community for some time now, and joining it has been one of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made. I met a lot of wonderful people on there, and discovered a lot of amazing books through this platform. 

There are so many amazing and wonderful bookstagram accounts and I wish I could give them all a little shout-out, but because that would just be too much, and since this is Top Ten Tuesday, I’ll recommend you ten of my favorite bookstagram accounts! 

1. Excusemybooks 

This girl doesn’t only take beautiful and very creative pictures, but she’s also an amazing person and a good friend! This account is also one of the only accounts I turned the notifications on for, because I want to see everything she posts! 

2. Lookingforbooks

This girl is actually the reason why I joined bookstagram. I think. I’m not sure, it’s been some time, but I know we joined at the same time! We’ve been friends since long before that (we met on Tumblr!) and still talk everyday. 
She takes amazing pictures, and her bookcase is an absolute dream! 

3. Theuncoordinatedreader_

Andrea is a lovely girl, and she has (if possible) even lovelier photos! I really like how minimalistic and bright her pictures look. Her feed looks so well put together, and I really admire that because mine looks a bit like a mess, haha. 
If you don’t follow her already, you really should since she is close to her first 10k! (Yes, I said FIRST because I think she’ll have many more.)

4. Bookamanda

Amanda is another one of those girls who is extremely lovely and also takes amazing pictures! Her pictures are very clean and beautiful, and she should have a lot more followers!

5. Book.fever

Julie is another lovely girl (Yes, I’m repeating myself quite a lot in this post, but it’s true! These girls are all SO lovely) who takes amazing pictures. She posts very frequently, so if you want to follow someone that posts beautiful pictures multiple times a day, Julie is your girl!

6. Bookstorefinds

Andrea, who is also (surprise, surprise) a very lovely person, is very active on bookstagram. She posts a lot of phenomenal photo’s and she reads a lot of great books, and I love reading her reviews! 
If there was a queen of bookstagram, it’d probably be her. 

7. Bookspresso

Anoushka is another very lovely girl, who posts amazing pictures. Every single one of her photos is beautiful, and every single one of them is very unique. She also posts amazing booktube videos!

8. Atimethatflies

This bookstagrammer also posts beautiful photos, and I must say that I stared at the picture of her cat reading for a long time because I loved it so much. It’s just so cute! She’s also super close to 2k so that’s an amazing thing. 

9. Booknerd_reads

Jill’s photo’s are gorgeous, just, absolutely gorgeous. Her pictures are really colorful and looking at them makes me very happy, and I really wish I could take pictures like that. 

10. Pollyandbooks

The last bookstagram account I’ll be recommending is Polly’s account. I started following her recently and I fell in love with her pictures. They’re very light and they all go together so well. I really love her account!

So that’s it for my very first Top Ten Tuesday! I really look forward to doing this every week.

So, what are your favorite bookstagram accounts?

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