#DiverseAThon TBR

I have never participated in a readathon before, and this might be the worst possible time for me to participate in one because I’m super busy, but I’m still going to. (How rebellious.)

The #DiverseAThon is hosted by Monica, Christina, Whitney and Joce as a response to an awful video that was made, which was very negative towards diversity. The readathon will take place from the 12th of September, until the 19th of September. 

I want to participate in this readathon because I think diversity is very important, because I think everyone is important and everyone deserves to see themselves as the protagonist in a story. I also want to take this chance to read more diversely since I’m kind of failing at that right now. 


I have no idea how much reading I’ll be able to get done because I’m fairly busy, but these are the books that I really want to get to. 

The Secret of Dreadwillow CarseThe Secret of Dreadwillow Carse by Brian Farrey

I am actually reading this one right now, and I’m a few chapters in. One of the two main characters is a person of color and a queen, and the other main character might be dealing with some mental health issues. I’m not sure about the latter because I’m not that far into the book yet, but I think the author is hinting at it. This book is wonderful so far, and it only has around 200 pages, so I’m sure I’ll be finishing this one. 

Everything Leads to YouEverything Leads to You by Nina Lacour

I have heard amazing things about this one, and after reading (and loving) You Know Me Well this summer, which Nina Lacour co-wrote with David Levithan, I’m even more excited to dive into this one.
The main character in Everything Leads to You identifies as a lesbian, and from the synopsis I can gather that she falls in love with a girl called Ava. People also rave about how interesting the MC’s job is, because she’s a set designer, and I’m very excited to read more about that as well.

The Wrath & the Dawn (The Wrath & the Dawn, #1)

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Adieh

This one has been sitting on my TBR for quite some time now and I’m super excited to finally get to it!
The Wrath and the Dawn is a retelling of The Arabian Nights, and I’ve heard that it has a kickass cast of characters, who are all people of color. 
I have very high expectations for this one, because everyone seems to love it. 

Radio SilenceRadio Silence by Alice Oseman  

This book has been talked about a ton in the bookish community (especially during SundayYA chats), and I don’t know why I haven’t read it yet.
This book features a demi/a-sexual (I’m not 100% sure which one) MC, and I’m super interested in this since I’ve never read a book with an asexual/demisexual MC before. The synopsis sounds amazing as well, and it has a 4,5 star rating on Goodreads, so what’s not to love? 
Also, if you have any book recommendations for books with asexual characters, please let me know!

So, these are all the books I want to read during the #DiverseAThon! I’m very excited about them, and I’m sure that it’s going to be a fun, but stressful, week.

Will you be participating in the #DiverseAThon?

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