A Review Of My Favorite Poetry Collection Yet: We Carry the Sky by McKayla Robbin

we carry the skyTitle: We Carry the Sky
Author: McKayla Robbin
Genres: Poetry

“all women carry
the sky
inside of them
didn’t your mother
tell you that”

In her first collection of poetry, McKayla Robbin grows language “like wildflowers / from the wounds / that for years / would not close up.” Simultaneously vulnerable and fierce, her short-form poems engage themes of femininity, identity, violence, and healing.

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I’m so incredibly grateful to the author, McKayla Robbin, for sending me a copy of her book for review. I devoured it within an hour right after it arrived, and then I read it again the next day.

We Carry The Sky is a poetry collection that’s split up into 4 sections, and it touches on topics like rape culture, self-love, feminism, racism, and a lot more. Robbin talks about the awful state the world is in right now, and instead of making you feel hopeless and sad about it, she makes you feel incredibly empowered and ready to fight for what’s right.

I’m still awe-struck about Robbin’s ability to make me feel so many things while using so little words. She’s incredibly talented, and I will for sure read anything she writes.

Also, if you want to read We Carry The Sky, I’d recommend you to keep an eye out for a giveaway I’ll be hosting soon over on Twitter 😉

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