Summer Feels Blog Tour: a Playlist by Miel Salva


It has never been much of a secret that I’m a big sucker for #romanceclass stories. They’re all so incredibly cute, well-written, often feature a lot of yummy food, and make me feel so incredibly happy. Another thing that I love are playlists. I love seeing the books I read reflected in those songs so I can experience all of the things I felt while reading them again. That’s why I think combining the new #romanceclass anthology called Summer Feels with a playlist would be perfect. One of the authors featured in this anthology, Miel Salva, made one, and I’m super excited to share it with all of you, so here it is!

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This is my first time coming up with a playlist for a story as I normally listen to worship or instrumental songs whenever I write. I find this very interesting, so thank you for requesting this and for featuring Fall For Me in your blog.

FFM is actually a spin-off of my #romanceclass2016 novel that to this date, is still in the revising phase. As it is purely told in the male’s point of view, I figured I needed to get to feel the love interest’s emotions. So writing Yasmin’s short story was necessary to help me identify what needs to be improved.

Also, looking for songs that convey Yasmin’s thoughts and feelings was enlightening. So, here’s the list of songs that best describe the main thought per chapter.

iPiccy-design3Chapter 1: Shiver by Coldplay

To be honest, this is my first time listening to this song and the following lines are reminiscent of how Yasmin feels towards a classmate who doesn’t pay attention to her.

So I look in your direction

But you pay me no attention do you

I know you don’t listen to me

‘Cause you say you see straight through me, don’t you?

But on and on, from the moment I wake

‘Til the moment I sleep

I’ll be there by your side

Just you try and stop me

I’ll be waiting in line

Just to see if you care

Chapter 2: Sugar Rush by A*Teens

How would you feel if someone you’re interested in suddenly drops by your house and strikes up a conversation with you?

You make me so excited

And I don’t wanna fight it

I start to blush

You are my sugar rush

Chapter 3: Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne

Also the first time to listen to this song. But this was how I imagined Yasmin as she learns more about the boy with the prickly personality.

I’m tugging at my hair

I’m pulling at my clothes

I’m trying to keep my cool

I know it shows

I’m staring at my feet

My cheeks are turning red

I’m searching for the words inside my head


(Cause) I’m feeling nervous

Trying to be so perfect

Cause I know you’re worth it

You’re worth it


Chapter 4: Falling for You by Colbie Caillat

Just like how we go through the stages of grief, Yasmin also went through the denial phase.

I’ve been spending all my time

Just thinking about ya

I don’t know what to do

I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waiting all my life

And now I found ya

I don’t know what to do

I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’m fallin’ for you

Chapter 5: You Got Me by Colbie Caillat

Although, she had been warned beforehand, some things and feelings are just inevitable.

Oh, I just can’t get enough

How much do I need to fill me up’

It feels so good it must be love

It’s everything that I’ve been dreaming of

I give up. I give in. I let go

Let’s begin

Cause no matter what I do

Oh (oh)

My heart is filled with you

If you’re interested to listen to the playlist, here’s the link to:

Once more, thank you for featuring me in your blog. Hope you’ll enjoy reading Summer Feels!

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