First Books in Series | I Show You My TBR Pt. 3

3.jpgLast week I started sharing all of the first books in series that I’ve got on my TBR with you, but halfway through writing the post I realized that it was becoming way too long. I decided to split it up into 2 parts, and this week I’m sharing part 2 with you!

First books in series always have a special place in my heart. They always feel like they’re filled with possibility. The possibility of a long and amazing journey, of characters that you’ll get to know and fall in love with, and the possibility of a world that you might get lost in. The books I’ll be sharing with you this week might be the books on my TBR that I’m the absolute most excited about, and I really can’t wait to chat about them with you. So, let’s do it!DSC08246.JPGDid I put all of these books together just because they’re all very colorful and looking at them makes me happy? Probably. But look at how gorgeous they are!! The first book is Heroine Complex by Sara Kuhn, which I got for my birthday from my friend, and I’m super excited about it. Not only does this book have one of my favorite covers ever, the synopsis also sounds amazing and all of my friends who have read it, loved it. I’m also incredibly excited about Not Your Sidekick by CB Lee. All of my friends seem to adore this book, and I’m very disappointed in myself for not having picked this up yet. However, the second book, Not Your Villain, comes out in October and I plan on reading NYS quite close to that so I still have it fresh in my mind when I read Not Your Villain.

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi was one of my most anticipated releases of 2016, and I still haven’t gotten around to it. I actually started listening to the audiobook for it a week ago, but I put it down again because I feel like I would enjoy it a lot more if I read it. You know, the traditional way. But I feel like it might take me a while to actually get around to it. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee is also a book that I started listening to as an audiobook, but I actually really enjoy this one! I chose to listen to it instead of reading it because my copy is signed and personalized and I’m super clumsy, so I really felt like if I read it I would for sure ruin it. And it’s way too precious to me to risk that. I’m only 45 minutes into the audiobook so far, but I’m already loving it so I’ll probably be able to take this off my TBR soon. DSC08259.JPGThis little stack consists of books I’m for sure getting to the next two months. I received my ARC for Warcross by Marie Lu last week and I might have screamed a little when I opened the package. This is a book that I’ve only heard unbelievably great things about and I really, really cannot wait to read it. I have a feeling like it’s going to be one of my new favorite books. Another ARC that I’m incredibly excited about is Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao. This book has already been on a little trip to Germany so my friend Lili could read it, and she gave it 5 stars and said she loved it a lot, so that made me even more excited to pick it up than I already was!

Want by Cindy Pon is the only book in this stack that isn’t an ARC, but that definitely doesn’t mean that I’m even a little less excited about it! My lovely friend Chelsea gifted this one to me as a late birthday present, and I was so happy about it because this books sounds amazing and a lot of people have been raving about how good it is, so I’ll definitely pick it up soon!DSC08267.JPGLet’s end this weekly post with not just a first book in a series, but an entire series: The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. A few years ago I was on a bit of a Patrick Ness kick and found this entire series for like 15 euros on Amazon so I decided to buy them. I, however, have never gotten around to them. It’s not that I don’t think I’ll like them, because the synopsis is very intriguing, I’ve heard great things about the series and Patrick Ness is one of my favorite authors, but I think having the entire series on my bookshelf is just too intimidating. Oh well, they’re currently filming the movie adaptation and I really want to see it (and that might or might not have something to do with Tom Holland) so I’m sure that’ll be great motivation to finally pick up this series. Hopefully.

So, that’s it for this week! Now, I have to say that I’m not sure if I’ll have a TBR post coming up the next 2 weekends. I hope so, and I’m really going to try my best, but the next 2 weeks are going to be very stressful and busy for me so I’m not totally sure if I can do it. But I’ll really try!

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  1. thebookprophet zegt:

    I loved The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue! And can’t wait for the second one to come out! I own Want and have heard some great things about it too!


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