My Most Anticipated Releases of the First Half of 2018

Hi everyone! 2018 is going to be an incredible year when it comes to books! There are so many books releasing this year that I’m beyond excited about, and I can’t wait to read them all. But when I was scrolling through my 2018 releases list on Goodreads, I started feeling a little overwhelmed. Okay, a lot overwhelmed. There are SO MANY books releasing that I want to get to, but I’ll never be able to get to them all. Well, maybe I could if I never did anything else besides reading, but I don’t think that’s a very good, or do-able, plan.

That’s when I decided to make a list. Lists always calm me down a little, and I thought it’d be a good way to decide which books I’m the absolute most excited about, and which one’s I won’t be incredibly sad about if I might not be able to get to them. And I thought I’d share that list with you all.

Books that don’t have a cover yet:

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas
The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan
Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

When I started the list I wanted to limit myself to only 20 books, but that obviously didn’t happen. It’s just way too hard. But having everything in a list does make me feel a little less overwhelmed, and looking at it makes me so incredibly excited. I cannot wait to pick all of these books up.

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9 gedachtes over “My Most Anticipated Releases of the First Half of 2018

  1. Alexa zegt:

    I’m in love with the cover of Brightsiders since the first time I saw it. I NEED to own that book. Also, Let’s Talk About Love?? And The Girl and the Grove?? I actually have an ARC of the last one and I can’t wait ❤ This is a good list. (I'm excited about Riordan too but I still haven't read the previous book so it's a mild excitement.)


  2. Marie zegt:

    That is such an amazing list, I am excited for so many of these books! I can’t wait to read The Belles, it sounds incredible, as well as The Brightsiders, Let’s Talk About Love, The Way You Make Me Feel and The Girl on the Grove! 😀


  3. Bookish Rita zegt:

    So many great suggestions! I’m excited to be adding some of these to my TBR pile for 2018 😊 Also, I loooove the diversity in this post! It’s something that I feel like is so important and that is becoming more popular around the bookish community too!


  4. Lucille zegt:

    Same same same for so many of those!!!
    Especially Markswoman since I read a good review recently!
    I also have an earc of The Girl and the Grove that I’m hoping to get to read in february!


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