Wrap Up: June 2018


Hi everyone! June was a very strange month for me. I was incredibly busy with finals (yes I know, I’m still in the process of completing my finals, and I still have three more to go), my birthday, and quite a lot of other things.

The weird thing is that I really felt like I had hardly read anything this month, but when I looked at Goodreads I found out that I had actually read a lot? But for some reason this month went by so slowly that I could hardly remember the books I read at the beginning of the month, and it feels like I read them forever ago.

I still really hope that July might be an even better month for me because, with my birthday presents, my TBR is quite big and I would very much like to make a dent in it. But first, some more studying.


Check, Please! #Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu – I loved this so much!! It was so cute and I can’t wait to continue this series.
Rebound by Kwame Alexander – I might have cried while reading this. My review.
From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon – I didn’t like this as much as I liked When Dimple Met Rishi, but it was still a very fun and cute read.
Not the Girls You’re Looking For by Aminah Mae Safi – This book was a bit of a disappointment. You can read my full review here.
The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani – This was an incredibly difficult, but very important and good read. I’m glad I read it.

River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey – The synopsis of this book always intrigued me, and it was a quick and fun read, but just not as good as I expected.
Lights, Camera, Cook! by Charise Mericle Harper – The perfect read for when you’re super stressed out. Adorable, a lot of fun, and it has super cute illustrations.
Sanity & Tallulah by Molly Brooks – This was a bit different than what I expected, but I loved it. The characters, the plot and the art were all really great.
Meet Cute by various authors – I have mixed feelings on this one, but overall, I quite liked it. My review.
The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang – I got this one for my birthday, and it was one of the best birthday gifts because I just loved it so so much.

The Oddysey by Homer – Uh yes, I actually read the Oddysey. Wow. And I didn’t like it.
In Real Life by Cory Doctorow ad Jen Wang – I was excited to read another Jen Wang book after loving The Prince and the Dressmaker, but it was kinda underwhelming. Still loved the art, though.
This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki – Great art, but the story just wasn’t my thing.
The Science of Breakable Things – A very difficult story about a girl who’s mom has depression, but very well done. I cried quite a lot while reading it.
After the Shot Drops by Randy Ribay – Really really good. My review. 


Yes, I’m really still reading The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie. Or rather, it’s still on my currently-reading list. For some reason I put it down once my exams came around, and I never picked it back up. The same goes for Lemons by Melissa Savage. I really liked both of these books, so I definitely plan on continuing them this month.
I also picked up Front Desk by Kelly Yang tonight. I was super excited about this book, and I heard really good things about it, so I couldn’t help myself even though I know it would’ve been better if I finished one of the two previously mentioned books first. Oh well. I don’t regret anything though, because I’m about 50 pages in and I’m loving it.

So, that’s everything I managed to read in the month of June! What about you? What was the best book you read last month?

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  1. Ilsen Leon zegt:

    I had a good reading month too which was surprising because I was on vacation for most of the month! By far, the best book I read in the month of June was They Both Die At The End but I also loved To Kill a Kingdom, Love and Gelato, and Clockwork Prince!


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