My Most Anticipated July Releases


Hi everyone! I usually don’t make these ‘most anticipated’ posts, but I’ve been seeing quite a few people posting them and I thought it might be a good way to keep track of new releases, because while I do have a huge Goodreads shelf of anticipated 2018 releases, I always seem to forget which one releases when.

This month there’s quite a surprising amount of SFF books, and while I’m not in the mood for SFF at. all. I’m quite excited about all of these! I also cannot believe that there’s a new The Darkest Minds book coming out. I only heard about it last month, and it honestly still doesn’t feel real.

Courage by Barbara Binns
The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal
Hullmetal Girls by Emily Skrustkie
The Supervillain and Me by Danielle Banas
Lovely, Dark, and Deep by Justina Chen
Grace and Fury by Tray Banghart
The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken

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6 gedachtes over “My Most Anticipated July Releases

  1. Sofia @ BookishWanderess zegt:

    Hullmetal Girls is also one of my most anticipated books of July, I really liked The Abyss Surrounds Us and I’m excited to read something else by Emily Skrutskie. Also, I have been living under a rock and I just found out about the new TDM book, now I’m excited to give it a chance. I haven’t heard about the other books on this list but I’m definitely checking them out now. Great post! 💗


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