My Overly Ambitious #ARCAugust TBR

Hi everyone! So, I was originally planning on reading a LOT of backlist books during the summer, but then I heard about #ARCAugust and I remembered all of the ARCs that I still have to read, and I decided to join on a whim. And I’m incredibly excited about it. This is just the motivation that I needed to pick up all of these books!

My TBR is going to be incredibly big and overly ambitious, but I’m really going to try and get through a lot of them. Plus, I’m a big mood-reader so having a ton of different options often works best for me.


18 books. I told you my TBR was ridiculous! And because I’m a not-very-wise person I just went and requested 2 more ARCs, so those might be added to this pile too… sigh. (Edit: I was approved so I added those two titles to the TBR too, and I added another one I forgot about. 21 books. Wow.)

Luckily it’s summer so I honestly don’t have much to do besides reading, so maybe I could pull this off? And I also have to review every single one of these books, so I hope I’ll be able to get that done too! I know there’s a small chance, but I’m hopeful!

Are any of you participating in #ARCAugust? What books are on your August TBR?

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17 gedachtes over “My Overly Ambitious #ARCAugust TBR

  1. Alexa zegt:

    I have Ignite the Stars, The Navigator’s Touch and Outrun the Wind as well! I’ll try to get to at least the first two in August. I’m not really participating in ArcsAugust specifically but I’m doing my NEWTs which has a lot of prompts and I’ll try to fill many with ARCs.

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  2. Chelsea @romweasley zegt:

    Damn, you get approved for so many awesome ARCs! I don’t even bother anymore, I’ve never received a reply to any of my physical ARC requests and never get accepted for anything on Edelweiss. The only ARC I still have to read is Ignite the Stars, all the others have already been released, lol


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