Being a Moodreader Can Be Quite Annoying

I am a real mood reader. I’ve never had a problem with this because it’s just the way I am and I  honestly don’t know any better. But after spending some time in the book community and talking to people who can just pick up any book whenever they want, I’ve realized just how incredibly annoying being a mood reader can be. So today, I’m going to give you quite a few reasons why being a mood reading is incredibly frustrating. 

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I can never stick to reading just one book, and I usually end up reading at least 3 books at once because my reading mood can switch very drastically in a second. Because of this, I’m always reading books of different genres and formats (because yes, I can be in the mood for a certain format as well) at the same time, so on Monday morning I might be listening to this super cute contemporary audiobook, while on Monday evening I might be reading a super dark sci-fi ebook. And this can get quite confusing, especially when it comes to character names.

Being a mood reader is really hard when it comes to ARCs. Because you have to post a review of the ARC around the release date you often have to read it within a certain time frame, and if you happen to not be in the mood for contemporaries during that time frame while the ARC that you have to read is a contemporary, you end up enjoying it a lot less than you could have if you’d waited to read it until you were in the right mood.

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TBR’s are impossible to stick to. Even when I make one that has a variety of books in there, there’s always a chance that I’m suddenly in the mood for this one book that’s been on my shelf for 2 years and I haven’t thought about in months. Or I get a real sci-fi kick while there’s only one sci-fi book on my TBR.

This also leads to the fact that I’m never able to join certain themed readathons. I just can’t phantom only reading romance or fantasy for a week. Or even a month. I just can’t.

Sometimes I’m super enthusiastic about a book, I’m totally in the mood for it and I want to pick it up RIGHT NOW so I order it immediately, but once it finally comes in the mail my mood will have changed and the book ends up abandoned somewhere on my shelf.

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And sometimes you don’t even know what you’re in the mood for, so picking a book is basically impossible. You just sit there, picking up book after book, and putting each of them down after reading just a few pages because it’s just not what you want right now. And sometimes this can turn into a full on reading slump, and we probably all know how awful those are.

Honestly, there’s a lot more reasons I could list about why being a mood reader can be quite annoying. But, would I change this part of myself? Probably not. Because when you finally find the book that perfectly fits your mood, and you sit down and binge-read it in just a few hours? That’s the best feeling in the world.

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10 gedachtes over “Being a Moodreader Can Be Quite Annoying

  1. ccovertocover zegt:

    I feel this! I am a mood reader for sure and always bounce around with what book I say I’m going to read next and what I actually do read next.

    claire @ clairefy


  2. theaceofpages zegt:

    Ugh. Yes. This is so annoying. I mean I do love it because I can get really, really excited when I’m in the mood for certain books, but the worst part to me is waiting for a book for months, and then finally getting the book the day it is released, and realizing I’m not in the mood for it. And it takes months to years for me to actually read it. Thank you for this post.


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