Wrap-Up: September 2019


Hi everyone! I have to be up-front and say: I have no idea if these are the books I read in September or if I accidentally added some from August. I was a bit of a mess in August and I didn’t update Goodreads in a while and never made my August wrap-up so I have no way of checking but I think it’s right? Hopefully?

Anyway, life is kind of strange right now. I graduated back in July so I don’t have school anymore, but I also don’t have work but I’m looking for something and I have a lot of appointments and it’s just… very stressful. I’m not the best with change and not knowing what to expect, and that’s kind of all that my life is right now, so it’s hard. But I’m taking it day by day and I’m still enjoying myself, despite the anxiety. And I read quite a few good books this month!


The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock – This one was recommended to me by my lovely friend Romie and it was very different from books I usually read but I loved it a lot, which was a very nice surprise. Thank you, Romie! ❤
The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty – I read a lot of middle grade and because I’ve been seeing this everywhere and people seem to be loving it I had high expectations of it, but it was just… fine? I liked it, but I’ve read so many middle grade books that are better.
Color Me In by Natasha Diaz – The writing in this one is SO FREAKING GOOD. Just, WOW.
The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang – This one was also recommended to me by Romie but it sadly wasn’t for me and I DNF’d it.

Grease Bats by Archie Bongiovanni – I thought I was going to love this one. I mean, it’s queer, it’s a comic, usually that’s the perfect combo for me. Unfortunately I didn’t really end up liking it.
More to the Story by Hena Khan – Honestly? I listened to this one in one sitting in one day so it was kind of a whirlwind and I don’t remember tons about it, but I do remember liking it a whole lot. And crying.
The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart – I hadn’t heard much about this one and picked it up on a whim and wow, am I glad that I did because this was INCREDIBLE. Definitely a new favorite middle grade read.
I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn – My friend Lili let me borrow her copy of this book and I’m so happy she did because I really enjoyed it! I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my full review so you’ll get to read that soon, hopefully.

Rogue Heart by Axie Oh – I wasn’t expecting much of this sequel after not liking the first book, Rebel Seoul, that much but BOY WAS I WRONG. I loved this, and I’m blown away by how much I loved this.
Song For a Whale by Lynne Kelly – This was such a lovely middle grade and I loved how ASL was incorporated into the book! (Also, if you’re a BTS fan: combine reading this book and listening to Whalien 52. You’re welcome.)
The Vanderbeekers to the Rescue by Karina Yan Glaser – The Vanderbeekers books are definitely my all-time favorite middle grade books. I mean, I barely ever reread books and I’ve already reread the first 2 books about 3 times. And it’s so comforting to know that with every new Vanderbeekers book, I’ll get a new favorite comfort read. This one was so lovely, and I already can’t wait to reread it. I just love these characters so, so much ❤


So I got an ARC of Dear Sweet Pea by Julie Murphy and I started reading it about a month ago, but I was very bored so I put it down. Now that the book is actually out I thought I could switch over to audiobook and have that save the book for me but I just listened to it for a bit and… I’m still bored. I’ll listen to a bit more of it tonight and then decide whether or not I should DNF it… Don’t get me wrong, the book isn’t bad at all. I’m just… bored, and I’m really sad about it because I wanted to love it so badly.

I found a copy of Slay by Brittney Morris in my local bookstore on its release date (which normally never happens, so you can imagine how excited I was) and I started reading it almost straight away and I’m LOVING IT. I can’t wait to continue reading it!

I was so excited about the release of The Tyrant’s Tomb by Rick Riordan because I love this series and I absolutely adore Reyna, who was going to make an appearance in this book. So when it came out I immediately started listening to the audiobook. I was liking it a lot but there were certain elements of it that were making me feel super anxious, and because I’m already dealing with heightened anxiety at the moment I just can’t deal with more so I’ll pick this back up when I’m feeling better!

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  1. Esmée zegt:

    HOLD ON which bookstore sells English books on release?! Only English ones I ever find are always the hyped books that have been out for quite a while. Maybe Im just blind…


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