Mini Reviews: That Summer, An Abundance of Katherines and The Princess Saves Herself in This One

Today, I’m officially starting a new series on my blog: mini reviews! This is for all those books that I read that I never get to review, because I just don’t have enough thoughts and opinions about them to fill an entire review. 

That Summer
Title: That Summer
Author: Sarah Dessen
Genres: YA, Contemporary

My rating: 

After reading the synopsis of the book, I thought I was getting a cutesy summery romance. Instead, I got a pretty dull book about self-discovery. 
I was pretty bored while reading this book, and I was struggling to finish it. The characters were boring and very plain, the writing wasn’t great (very repetitive) and there was no real progression in the storyline. Nothing really happened, and the beginning, middle and end of the book felt the same.

On the other hand, it was very interesting to read this book because it was Sarah Dessen’s first, and you can really see that she got a lot better at writing. 
I’m just very glad that this isn’t the first book I’ve read of hers, because if it was, I’m not sure I would’ve read any of her other books. 

Title: An Abundance of Katherines
An Abundance of KatherinesAuthor: John Green
Genres: YA, Contemporary

My rating: DNF

I’m struggling to find something to say about this one, other than ‘Oh man, this was bad’. I literally didn’t like anything about this (I mean, it even included A LOT of math). The main character was such a whiny, annoying and boring character, and the rest of the characters didn’t make up for that. Neither did the plot, which was pretty bland. 
I have never really been a big John Green fan (except for his Youtube videos, that is) and this is definitely my least favorite book by him. 

The Princess Saves Herself in This OneTitle: The Princess Saves Herself in This One
Author: Amanda Lovelace
Genres: Poetry

My rating: 

I have no idea how to review this one, since The Princess is the very first poetry collection I’ve read, but I can honestly say that this was absolutely amazing. 
Amanda Lovelace’s writing style is so raw and heart-wrenching, but at the same time it’s very hopeful. It made me cry a lot, and I’m definitely going to reread this a couple of times just to really let the poems sink in.