Wrap-Up: What I’ve Read in January + February


Hi everyone! I know I basically start every wrap-up the same way and I’m going to do it again: can you believe it’s March already? I’m both sad about this but also very excited because the weather has been really bad here lately (lots of storms, rain and wind) and I’m really excited for spring to start. We’re already seeing some flowers bloom, and we’re growing some things in our windowsill for the vegetable garden which always makes me very happy!

But I’m also a little sad about it because I fell into a slump in February (you can read a bit more about it here) and I just feel like I haven’t accomplished enough this year. I fell behind on blogging, didn’t read as much as I’d like to, etc. Hopefully I’ll be able to be a bit more productive in March, and I hope these past two months were great reading months for all of you!

Knipsel(or, read these past 2 months. sorry, didn’t really want to make a new graphic)

The Deep by Rivers Solomon – I started this immediately after listening to a voice message from a friend who was raving about how incredible this book was and she was absolutely right because I loved it and while I really enjoyed the fact that this was shorter, I now really wish it’d been longer because I want more.
poems I sleep next to by Shelby Eileen – I don’t tend to read a lot of poetry but I always want to make an exception for Shelby, and I once again ended up really liking their collection. I had a hard time connecting to some of the poems, but I still thought this collection was beautiful.
If They Come for Us by Fatimah Asghar – This was my first experience listening to a poetry collection on audiobook and, while I did enjoy the experience and thought some of the poems were incredible, I don’t think this experiment was successful because none of the poems stuck with me. I might have to reread this one physically.
Our Wayward Fate by Gloria Chao – I picked this up because I loved this author’s debut, American Panda, and while I didn’t love Our Wayward Fate as much as I did her debut I still really enjoyed it! There were just a few minor things I would’ve liked to see done a little differently.
In an Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire – I had kind of given up on this series after not loving Beneath the Sugar Sky and just kind of losing interest, but I picked this one up on a whim and I’m so glad I did because I absolutely loved it! This very much read like a fairytale and it was so enchanting, I couldn’t stop reading. Lees verder

My Best Friend Picks My 2019 TBR, a Wrap-Up


Hi everyone! Last year my best friend Fadwa (who runs the most amazing blog and booktube channel) (seriously, she’s incredible) (I hope that one day this blog will come close to the quality that hers is, wow) and I decided to each make each other a list of books we wanted the other to read, and then give each other a whole year to get to these books (you can find my post about this here). This felt like the perfect way to test out how much we knew each other’s reading taste, and a great way to force the other to finally read our favorite books and make them explore genres they previously hadn’t read yet.

As you’ve all hopefully noticed, it’s currently 2020 so it’s time for a wrap-up! Did I get to all the books Fadwa picked out for me, and did I like them? Did I absolutely despise one of Fadwa’s favorite books, which led to her flying out here just to yell at me? I guess we’ll see.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing what books I picked out for Fadwa and whether she liked them or not, you can find her wrap-up post here.

312070171) Love, Hate and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed

Fadwa said:

I’m starting with this one because it is quite possibly the book that I’ve pushed Laura to read the most in 2018 and SHE STILL HASN’T, […]  all is forgiven as long as she reads it this year *Gives Laura sidelong look*.

I’m very happy to announce that Fadwa can stop giving me a sidelong look because I did it! I finally read Love, Hate and Other Filters! This was the very first book on the list that I reached for because I was incredibly excited about it and while I have to admit that I don’t remember all the details anymore (I have a bad memory and it’s almost been a year, please forgive me) one of the things I remember most clearly about this book was the relationship between the main character and her family. Lees verder

Wrap-Up: September 2019


Hi everyone! I have to be up-front and say: I have no idea if these are the books I read in September or if I accidentally added some from August. I was a bit of a mess in August and I didn’t update Goodreads in a while and never made my August wrap-up so I have no way of checking but I think it’s right? Hopefully?

Anyway, life is kind of strange right now. I graduated back in July so I don’t have school anymore, but I also don’t have work but I’m looking for something and I have a lot of appointments and it’s just… very stressful. I’m not the best with change and not knowing what to expect, and that’s kind of all that my life is right now, so it’s hard. But I’m taking it day by day and I’m still enjoying myself, despite the anxiety. And I read quite a few good books this month!


The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock – This one was recommended to me by my lovely friend Romie and it was very different from books I usually read but I loved it a lot, which was a very nice surprise. Thank you, Romie! ❤
The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty – I read a lot of middle grade and because I’ve been seeing this everywhere and people seem to be loving it I had high expectations of it, but it was just… fine? I liked it, but I’ve read so many middle grade books that are better.
Color Me In by Natasha Diaz – The writing in this one is SO FREAKING GOOD. Just, WOW.
The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang – This one was also recommended to me by Romie but it sadly wasn’t for me and I DNF’d it. Lees verder

Wrap-Up: July 2019 | a not-so-great month with a lot of books


Hi everyone! I feel so incredibly weird writing a July wrap-up because somehow I was convinced it was August already? July really felt like the longest month ever to me, which makes sense since it really wasn’t my best month. But really. I can’t even remember the beginning of the month anymore, it feels so long ago?

Anyway, like I said, July wasn’t my best month. At the beginning of the month I pushed myself too far, resulting in a panic attack and me going into a pretty dark space for a week. Then I did well for about a week and even managed to participate in the first few days of the #ReadingRush, and then the heatwave started. I’m very bad with heat, so a week of temperatures around 40 degrees felt awful. I spend a week barely sleeping and having a lot of anxiety because heat is, for some reason, a trigger for me.

So yes, July was definitely not my month, but luckily I did manage to read quite a few books! Let’s just hope August is a little kinder on me.


The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi – I had incredibly high expectations for this one since everyone on my timeline was raving about it once it came out and I did really like it, but not as much as I expected.
Kat Wolfe Investigates by Lauren St. John – This was cute but kind of forgettable. I mean, I read it this month and I barely remember a thing from it. All I can say for sure is that I did have a fun time with it.
People Like Us by Dana Mele – I listened to this in one go while playing The Sims so everything about this book is very hazy to me, to be honest.
Stay Sweet by Siobhan Vivian – I was expecting this book to be a cute, quick 3-star read and that’s exactly what it was. I enjoyed it, but I honestly didn’t really like the main character that much. Lees verder

Wrap-Up: June 2019 | The First One Since January


Hi everyone! As you might’ve noticed I haven’t really been blogging a lot lately. I just checked and I haven’t actually posted a wrap-up since January… yikes. It makes sense because I fell into a reading slump back in February and since then I haven’t really been on top of my reading game, which meant I didn’t feel like blogging, which kind of resulted in my disappearance. But luckily I’ve been reading again lately and I’ve also been excited about writing blog posts again so… I’m back? Hopefully?

ALSO, today I come bearing good news: I GRADUATED. I actually did it!!! I had my last finals in May and June and they were hard and I was incredibly stressed, but I managed to do it and I received some pretty good grades for it as well. It took me a little longer than it usually takes people (I’ve been doing this for 10 years AH) but I’m so incredibly happy that I’ve finally done it (SCREW YOU ANXIETY). Plus, June was also my birthday month so I’m a 22 year old now. And I still don’t feel like an adult at all.

Sadly, graduating for me doesn’t just mean not having to study anymore (yay) and finally getting back into a reading mood (also, yay), but it also means a lot of anxiety about my future and making tons of appointments with city hall people and just… it’s a Lot. But I’ll figure it out, and I’m trying to focus on being happy about all the positive aspects of it!


Lees verder

Wrap Up: January 2019 (+ Mental Health Book Bingo Wrap Up)


Hi everyone! January was the month of the Mental Health Book Bingo for me: a readathon in which you read as many mental health books as you can, guided by prompts on a bingo sheet. I posted my TBR back in December and, when you look at it you can see that I didn’t manage to read most of the books on there, which was to be expected because my TBR was super excessive. And the fact that I fell into a bit of a slump at the end of the month definitely didn’t help either.

Luckily I did manage to read quite a few mental health related books, especially because some of the books I randomly picked up unexpectedly ended up having mental health rep in them as well. The only book I read that didn’t have mental health rep was Love á la Mode.

I had a lot of fun participating in the Mental Health Book Bingo and I hope that we’ll get to do it again next year!

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Wrap-Up: November + December 2018


Hi everyone! As I’m writing this, it’s about 3 hours away from midnight, aka, 2019. I never really do anything on New Year’s eve because I honestly don’t really like it, and because my brother is having friends over I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to lock myself in my room and catch up on some blogpost. And finally tell you about what I’ve been reading over the past weeks/months.

As you might’ve noticed I’ve been pretty absent from my blog, which is because I was in a major slump. I didn’t really feel like reading anything, and I ended up not really loving most of the books I picked up. And as you probably understand; if you’re not really loving reading, your love for book blogging also starts to fade.

Luckily I’ve been feeling a lot more excited about reading the past couple of days, especially with the Mental Health book bingo starting soon, so I hope everything will go back to normal in 2019.

Also, happy New Year’s, everyone! I hope this year will be filled with light, love, happiness and very good books for all of you ❤

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Wrap-Up: October 2018


Hey everyone, I hope October was a great month for all of you! It was a bit of a weird month for me, to be honest. Not bad weird, just… different.

I read a *lot* in the first 2 and a half weeks of the month. Like, a lot. I started a little TBR jar project (which I might make a blog post about, someday) which really motivated me to read, and I ended up reading 3 very hard hitting novels in 3 days which burned me out a bit. I sadly haven’t been able to finish a book since that. I really wanted to find something to entertain me in the meantime and to my surprise I got into BTS.

Yes, that’s right, BTS. I’ve spend the last week watching lots of fan made videos on them and listening to their music, and I have to say that I might have fallen a little in love with all of them. But hey, even though I could talk about them for quite a while, I don’t want to accidentally turn this into a BTS fan blog, so let’s get into the books I managed to read this month!


This is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kheryn Callender – I’m still not sure about this book. It’s incredibly important and I’d definitely recommend it to people, but I didn’t love it.
You Asked For Perfect by Laura Silverman – Laura Silverman has definitely proven herself to be one of my all time favorite authors ever with this novel.
Check, Please! Year 3 by Ngozi Ukazu – Catching up on this webcomic was so much fun! I love these characters a lot.
Mirage by Somaiya Daud – Picked this book up because of Fadwa and she was right, this book is incredible.

Odd One Out by Nic Stone – Eh, I also have complicated feelings on this one. The writing was great, I loved the characters and the questioning rep and it all felt very real, but there were definitely a few aspects I didn’t enjoy as much.
Raven the Pirate Princess Year 2 #9 – This is one of my favorite comic series and I’m very ashamed to say I’m a few issues behind, but I’m trying to catch up!
Waste of Space by Gina Damico – The plot of this book intruiged me a lot, but I didn’t like the writing at all, and couldn’t push myself through more than 40 pages of it.
Geekerella by Ashley Poston – This was a delight! Absolutely adorable, and such a fun read.

What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera – I liked it, but I didn’t like it as much as I expected to.
A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi – I went into this without any expectations because I didn’t love Shatter Me, but I ended up absolutely loving it!
Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake – I was basically constantly crying while reading this book. I adored it, and I adore Ashley Herring Blake.
Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles – I was basically constantly crying while reading this one, too. This book is harrowing and heartbreaking but beautiful, and I will definitely pick up other Jay Coles books in the future.


I’m currently listening to both the audiobooks of Wildcard by Marie Lu and Pride by Ibi Zoboi! I’m really liking them, but I’m making my way through them very slowly because I still feel very slump-ish. I really hope I’ll be able to beat the slump soon, and read lots in the month of November!

Also, because I listened to a lot of music this month, I thought it might be fun to include my October 2018 playlist in this wrap-up. Hope you enjoy!

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Wrap-Up: August 2018

IMG_20180821_202020.jpgHi everyone! August was a pretty strange month for me. The beginning of the month feels like it was ages ago, and I also just got back from my holiday yesterday. We visited Friesland (a province in the North of the Netherlands) for 10 days, which was a real challenge for this agoraphobic girl who has a bit of a phobia for highways, but I did it!

I have to say that I’m kind of proud of myself. Looking back on how I felt going on holidays last year I can really see how much I’ve grown over the past year anxiety-wise. Things are still hard, but I’m getting there. Thank God.

As for my reading, I didn’t end up reading that much. I started off the month strong by basically reading a book a day because I was super motivated for #ARCAugust (remember my TBR? HA!), but I quickly burnt myself out and fell into a bit of a reading slump… Reading 11 books definitely isn’t bad, but compared to the goals that I set myself it’s just a tad disappointing. Hopefully my reading will be a bit better next month!

To Be Honest by Maggie Ann Martin – I ended up reading this book in a day and I really enjoyed it (full review).
Fresh Ink edited by Lamar Giles – I was surprised about how much I loved this anthology, because I normally don’t love anthologies (full review).
The Heat is On and The Winner Is… by Charise Mericle Harper – This series was a lot of fun, but reading these two back to back wasn’t a good idea. It just became a little too much.

Piecing Me Together by Renée Watson – This book has been on my TBR for a while now and I’m really happy I finally picked it up because I adored it. It also made me stop and think a few times. Amazing voice, and an amazing writing style.
Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram – This is an incredibly important book, and it was incredibly good, too. I sobbed at the end.
Lumberjanes: the Moon is Up by Mariko Tamaki – I don’t always love novelized versions of different kinds of media, but I loved this. It was so much fun!
Mostly the Honest Truth by Jody J. Little – I read this not too long ago and I already can’t remember most of it… I remember thinking it was cute, though. Just not great.

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss – This was such a cute story and I loved it very much. I immediately wanted to reread it, and that says a lot.
Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman – I decided to reread Girl Out of Water because I remembered loving it a lot, and I can now safely say that it is one of my favorite contemporaries ever (full review).
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han – I reread this because of the movie and I really enjoyed seeing all of the little details I’d forgotten about, but I do like the movie a bit better. current

I started Chemistry Lessons by Meredith Goldstein at the beginning of the month and while I was definitely excited getting into it, I just didn’t end up liking it very much. I’m now over halfway through but I just can’t find the motivation to finish it…. I’ll probably end up DNF’ing it, to be totally honest.
Betty Before X by Ilyasah Shabazz on the other hand is really good! It’s quite a short audiobook so I should be able to finish it quickly, but because it deals with some very heavy topics I decided to take my time with it. I think I’m about halfway through the book now.

So, that’s everything I managed to read in the month of August! Now tell me; what was the best thing you read this month?

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Wrap-Up: July 2018


This month had quite a few ups and downs: I had my last few exams which were incredibly stressful, but I passed, so I’m officially on summer break! I didn’t read much for the first half of the month because of my exams, but I got to read a lot in the second half. Mostly because it was 40 degrees outside so I couldn’t do much beside sit on the couch, feel gross and sticky, and read.

August is going to be a month where I don’t have to do any school related activities, so I’ll (hopefully) get to read a lot! That’s exactly why I decided to participate in #ARCAugust, and you can find my TBR here. I’m also going away for a couple of days in August, which is both very exciting, but also terrifying because of my agoraphobia. I really hope it’ll go well.

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