Mental Health Book Bingo Announcement + TBR

I’m so incredibly excited to let you all know about Mental Health Book Bingo, a month long read-a-thon which focuses on mental health related books!

The bingo was created by Wendy from whatthelog, and the event is inspired by Asian Lit Bingo which was created by Shenwei from READING (AS)(I)AN (AM)ERICA. I’m so happy I was asked to be one of the hosts, and I can’t wait to share everything with you all because we have quite a few exciting things planned!

Your hosts:


The amazing CW from artfromafriend designed the bingo sheet, and I’m in love with it!

This read-a-thon will take place during the whole month of January. (This used to be November but since we didn’t realize November was also Native American Heritage Month, we decided to move it to January). The goal is to read as many as many mental health books as you can, guided by the various prompts on the bingo sheet. You can also try to get a bingo (read books in relation to all of the prompts in a single row) but you don’t have to! It’s already amazing that you’re reading even one mental health related book. Also, to give you all a little bit of extra motivation: the person who is able to cross of the most prompts can win a mental health goodie box (international)!

I’m still not 100% sure what books I’ll be choosing to read, but here is a little TBR of books I might get to:

I’m personally not planning on reading a lot of mental health related books, since I know that that’s not that great for my own mental health, and self care is the most important thing! I, however, really want to read a poetry collection about MI and a graphic novel with a MC with a mental illness. I have no idea what I’m going to pick though, so if any of you have any recommendations, please let me know!

We have also made a Goodreads list full of mental health related books, in case you need some help finding them. Please feel free to add books to it, too!

We also have quite a few exciting things planned, and here’s the schedule:

Jan 3: UK Twitter chat
Jan 10: Twitter chat with Louise Gornall
Jan 17: Australasia Twitter chat
Jan 24: Akemi Dawn Bowman interview on whatthelog
Jan 25: US Twitter Chat
Jan 28: Katrina Leno interview on Of Wonderland
Jan 29: Twitter chat with Mariam Khan
Jan 30: Twitter chat with Hello Me It’s You

Every Twitter related event will be done through our MHBookBingo Twitter account, and you can use the #MHBookBingo hashtag for all your Mental Health Book Bingo related posts.

We’re incredibly excited about this month long read-a-thon, and we hope you are too!

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5 gedachtes over “Mental Health Book Bingo Announcement + TBR

  1. Marie zegt:

    Best of luck for this great readathon, Laura! I hope you’ll read and find out great books. I have read and loved Under Rose Tainted Skies and really want to read Eliza, can’t wait to hear your thoughts about both of these 🙂 happy reading! xx


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