The Hamilton Book Tag

This tag was created by maureenkeavy over on Youtube!

I know I’m super duper late to this party. For some reason book tags always take me a long time to complete, but luckily that doesn’t make them any less fun!
I completely fell in love with Hamilton some time ago. I was super late to the party because I didn’t expect to love it. I don’t like rap, and I don’t like musical, so why would I love a musical about some guy that’s important to America? But needless to say, I completely fell in love with it the moment I started listening to it. I don’t feel like this book tag needs a longer intro, so here we go: 

The Room Where It Happensa book you would put yourself in

The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus world! I know that it’s technically our world, but it just seems so much better! Well, except from the constantly almost dying part. But the characters are amazing, and I’d love to actually get to hang out with them at Camp half-blood and go on adventures with them. But, only if the me-version in this world is a super badass fighter, because I don’t feel like dying at the hands of some scary creature just yet. 

The Schuyler Sisteran underrated female character

Prim from The Hunger Games! I think everyone (including myself, at first) keeps seeing her as Katniss’s adorable little sister, but she’s so much more. She’s very brave, caring and compassionate, and I absolutely love her. 

My Shota character who goes after what they want no matter what

Voldemort anyone? He literally splits his soul and murders a lot of people to get what he wants. That’s just crazy. 

Stay Alivea character you wish was still alive
I’m going with 2 for this one, because I really wish Lupin and Tonks from the Harry Potter series were still alive. They were such amazing characters, and they just got married and just had a son. They deserved so much more! 

Burnthe most heartbreaking end to a relationship
The end of the relationship between Ruby and Liam in The Darkest Minds was absolutely heart-breaking and made me bawl my eyes out. They developed such an amazing relationship throughout the book, and then having it to end the way that it did was just not okay. 

You’ll be backthe sassiest villain
Definitely Victor Vale from Vicious! I’m still not too sure if he’s the villain, though, but that’s the main reason why I love this book so much. All of the characters in Vicious are so morally grey, and I wish there were more characters like that because it’s just so interesting to see. 

I could also go with Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles, who is one of my favorite villains. She’s just so good at being bad, and she’s the queen of sass. 

Non-Stopa series you marathoned
The Selection series! They’re definitely my guilty pleasure reads; they’re not that good, but they’re so so good at the same time! (I am making so much sense right now.) I couldn’t stop reading the series once I started it. And Maxon, OMG, he’s so dreamy.

Satisfiedfavorite book with multiple POVs
I get confused very easily while reading books with multiple POVs. There are only a few expectations, and my favorite expectation is The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. I love that entire series. I love the characters, the adventures and the mythology, and this makes me realize how much I want to reread this series. 

Helplessa relationship you were pulling for from the start
This question made me think of the book I’m currently reading, The Kiss of Deception. I shipped Lia and Rafe from the moment they laid eyes on each other. And now that I found out who Rafe really is, I’m shipping them even more! I hope this ship won’t sink in the course of the series, but then again, I’d happily volunteer to be Rafe’s new love interest if it doesn’t work out between them. 

What comes nexta series you wish had more books
Definitely The Hunger Games! I’d love to read more about certain characters, like Haymitch and Effie, and I would love to see what previous hunger games were like. 

What I’d Missa book or series you were late to reading
I am late to a lot of books and series, but the main one for me is The Hunger Games! I was never that interested in them, because I had already seen the movies and I didn’t love them that much. However, the series is one of my closest friend’s favorite, so she made me read them and I love her for it! I loved loved loved the entire series.

I have a feeling that everyone who wanted to do this tag has already done it, but if you still want to do it then consider yourself tagged!

What is a series that you marathoned?

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